What is Content-o-Tron

Content-o-Tron is a project to help amplify the lesser heard voices in the Rust community.

We are able to do this by providing editorial assistance and technical reviews of draft blog posts.

Once your blog post is ready to publish, we will ensure it is disseminated through various channels such as ReadRust, MozHacks, social networks and of course the Rust Community’s own blog on community.rs.

Why do we need Content-o-Tron

The short form of writing i.e. Twitter, Mastodon, Rust User Forums (URLO) is good, but it lacks the ability to express detail and is hampered by the fact that those thoughts vanish from most people’s timelines in a matter of minutes.

We know it can be daunting to start a blog post. Yet it’s often a good measure of our understanding of key concepts of the topic we are studying.

The things that might hold people back are:

  • Needing editorial assistance to catch typos, or improve their writing.
  • Not wanting to embarrass yourself in front of the community because you misunderstood how something worked.
  • The “Who cares about what I have to say?” voice

The last item is pretty much the sole purpose of Content-o-Tron. The Rust community loves hearing about your experiments, how you go about learning Rust or how your trial at work is going. In short, we want to hear about what you’re doing with Rust, be it writing code, contributing to Rust projects or how your local Rust meetup is going.

How did Content-o-Tron happen

Last year the Rust Community team created new sub teams to concentrate on the various aspects of community building: Events, RustBridge, i18n and l10n, Surveys, and Content.

The Content team is responsible for Content-o-Tron. Their purpose is defined in this description in the team project:

Organize and write for the community blog and other publication outlets; organize and promote material like videos and podcasts; provide lectorate (copy editing) and assistance for people that want to write blog posts on rust.

To help grow the Content sub-team into a healthy and supportive team we signed up for the Mozilla Open Leadership programme. This is an excellent programme to help guide you in making your project as inviting and as inclusive as possible, and in doing so make the Internet a healthier and safer place.

Our progress so far

The culmination of the Mozilla Open Leadership programme is to showcase your project (in our case Content-o-Tron) during the Mozilla Global Sprint. This is a two-day long hackathon where lots of wonderful volunteers help out and work on the project.

During 2018’s sprint, we got a new mascot, finished two guides (writing an informative blog post and running a campaign). We also got a campaign curation tool (written in Rust naturally) and a blog site template.

We also did a soft launch for #RustReach related blog posts.

How you can help

One of our biggest challenges is still trying to find people who want to blog, but are put off for various reasons. We’d also like to help people who have had blog post drafts that remained unpublished.

If you don’t blog (please tell us why) or just want to help out there’s a list of items you can help with in the project.

The Rust Content team meet on alternating Tuesdays at 5:30 pm UTC (see agenda). We’d love to get your input and thoughts how we can improve Content-o-Tron.

Our community isn’t complete until we have your voice.